MelanCholianna Game Online Play Free

Escape an ominous castle in MelanCholianna. In this game you are going to take the role of a beautiful blonde anime girl who needs to get away from the vicious place where she somehow occurred. Lead her through the stone corridors to the exit.
This captivating game is available on pc and Android. Enjoy the exciting adventures in MelanCholianna and avoid various perils that may get the main character into trouble.

Logic is your key to success

MelanCholianna will fill up the gameplay with all kinds of brain teasers, so you will have to pay attention to every detail in the room. Although usually there are not so many details which makes it easier to spot the potential puzzle. In addition, the girl will make a confused expression and show a question mark if you click on the object that may be a hint.

In any case, you will need to explore all the available locations to find the necessary items. Store them in your inventory until you need them. Unfortunately, the main hero may only tell you what to use, but not how to do it, so you will have to apply your own imagination and try out different variants.

And don’t forget to check everything meticulously! In this game even a simple locker may hide something very important. It can be either a number from the code or a whole passage. So, pay attention to such tiny elements that may seem just a decoration from the first view.

The game also offers riddles that will test your reaction. Get the girl across the section full of moving dangerous objects or monsters and make sure she doesn’t face them. Investigate the route of a possible danger and try to pass by it unnoticed. And don’t rush forward too fast, as the monster can appear right in front of your face at any moment!

Avoid the perils instead of fighting them

Due to the fact that in MelanCholianna you are going to play for a cute and innocent girl, you won’t be able to fight with the frightening creatures that are waiting for you underground. However, you can always cross the location in a way that won’t trigger your enemies.

You can either quickly run past them or distract them with the help of the objects that you can find nearby. In any case, you should never allow the monsters to harm the girl. In MelanCholianna you have only four lives and when you waste all of them, the character will die. Although, there is a chance that you will find a medical kit. Or you may use hacks that will make your health unlimited.

Also, after a hard part you will have an opportunity to save your progress. In MelanCholianna you can do that if you get close to the special lamp. Just click on it and choose an empty slot to save the game. But you should keep in mind that these lamps are quite rare, so it is better to just be careful and not to deal with the monsters.

Another interesting aspect in the game is that it doesn’t have any map. It means that you will have to remember the locations where you have already done everything and the ones where there is still a puzzle to solve. The castle is a real labyrinth, so you may easily get lost!