MelanCholianna Anime

MelanCholianna Anime

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If you are looking for elaborate riddles and treacherous monsters, than MelanCholianna is your choice! In this game you will get plenty of those and even more! Will you be able to outsmart the vicious creatures that are guarding a mysterious castle you are trapped into?

Don’t get into traps

In MelanCholianna you are going to play as a charming anime girl who suddenly finds herself in an ominous palace. Everything inside is corrupted and seems to be abandoned. Although, there are still some pretty strange mechanisms around and if you make some effort, you may operate them.

The game is full of such devices and you won’t always know what to do with them or what they open. Sometimes, you should also fix them by putting additional details. The character will show a simple drawing of the object you need when you click on the appropriate device. The item can be hidden anywhere, so carefully examine every corner.

And don’t hesitate to grab any objects that seem useful. Maybe you don’t need them now, but later they may come in handy. Keep it in your inventory in case you require them for some puzzle.

But not every device in MelanCholianna is safe to use! There are hazardous traps set everywhere and if you are not attentive enough, you may easily get caught. Before rushing to any useful thing, check the surroundings first. The snares may be hidden in the places where you have never thought they could possibly be.

Follow the butterflies

The only creatures you can believe in this fearsome castle are butterflies. This was the first thing the main character saw when she woke up in the palace, so go after the butterflies in order to find the exit. You can also spot them near weird lamps sometimes. This is the indicator that shows the place where you can securely save your progress.

Those are quite rare there and this can be applied for the medicines as well. Thus, you should not start to play without any managing skills. The monsters in the project are strong and can severely harm the girl, so it will be better to stay away from them if it is possible.

However, there are sections which you need to cross even though they are full of monsters. Your logic is what may help you think of the solution. Look for the opportunities around you and experiment with unexpected variants to bamboozle the evil creatures. But calculate your forces, as the game will also force you to fight a couple of very dangerous bosses!

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