MelanCholianna Unblocked

MelanCholianna Unblocked

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Get out of the strange prison-like mansion and stay alive! MelanCholianna is definitely a game for those who like intricate puzzles and captivating plot combined with the appealing anime design of the characters. Overcome all the difficulties on your way to freedom!

Spooky terrains

During the entire game you will have to explore the dark corridors of the strange castle where you have been locked for an unknown reason. A mystical butterfly made you wake up and now you must follow it if you want to get out. But note that your way will be full of unexpected dangers and sophisticated quests.

Each location in the game has some secret to reveal and you should explore it thoroughly in order to find it. This may be a useful machine or a trap where lots of ferocious monsters are waiting for you. Unfortunately, the main hero is not capable of fighting with the evil entities. Find another way to fend them off.

Usually, the key to success lies in the surroundings. Take advantage of it and the monsters won’t bother you anymore. Although, if you come across a boss, this will require some more inventiveness from you. Think quickly, before a barbarous creature ends your adventure forever!

Anyway, most of your opponents will not kill you at once. You have a total of four hearts that you lose with every hit. The medical kits are not scattered in each room, so save them up for an urgent issue.

Enjoy the diversity of the riddles

MelanCholianna gives you all sorts of simple and complicated riddles. The further you do, the harder your task will become. As the gloomy castle seems to be abandoned, nearly all of the devices don’t work properly. Consequently, you will have to fix this problem.

You may need a missing part of the machine or just a code to unlock the door. You can find these parts in the lockers, on the shelves or even in the monster’s lair. You can check what you have already gathered at any time in your inventory. Besides, doors are not the only way to reach a new location. Sometimes the passages can be hidden in very unpredictable places.

Moreover, there is no map in MelanCholianna. You can return to all the rooms you have just entered, so it can be hard to memorise all of them. However, you are not limited in time, so you can investigate this disturbing building for as long as you want.

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