MelanCholianna 2023

MelanCholianna 2023

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Engage yourself in the amazing adventure that will lead you to the fantastic final. In MelanCholianna you are going to deal with lots of thrilling mysteries and extreme dangers. Control the adorable lady and take her out of the dark palace where she was imprisoned.

You are always in danger

In MelanCholianna the perils may be behind every corner, so you should search the locations carefully. The monsters like hiding in various lockers or cases and they will immediately catch you if the girl comes too close. Bypass the hazards and save your health. It is not so easy to find healing in this game, that is why it is important to keep track of your state.

If you see a bulb with shining butterflies in it, this means that you can save the game there. As with the medicines, there are a few places with the saving zones, so use this opportunity if you stumble upon it.

You should especially look for these bulbs before the bosses. Those creatures are pretty fierce and fighting with them can be challenging. The main character doesn’t know how to use any weapon, consequently, you will have to do without it. Although, there is always something that can help you nearby. Apply your imagination!

Escape the stone maze

In this project your main aim is to get out of the tremendous castle where you somehow occurred. Some person locked you up there and you should figure out what was the reason for it. But you won’t be able to do it until you discover the way out.

Wander around the palace, getting from one room with stone walls to another. The locations may seem to be similar to each other, but in fact you will find different devices in each place. The closer you are to the exit, the more difficult puzzles you will have to untangle.

There is a very convenient system of solving brain teasers in the game, as you don’t have to do it manually. Just pick up the necessary object and implement it in the machine that refuses to work. Watch the character’s expressions to understand what you should do next. She may suggest looking for a new detail or toggling some of them.

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