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In MelanCholianna you are going to help an adorable girl to survive in an ominous old castle. Gradually explore all the rooms of this daunting building and make an attempt to find the way out. On your way you are going to face a lot of dangers, too. Will you be able to keep clear of the perils, having no weapons or fighting skills?

Enjoy simple design

The visual aspect in MelanCholianna is not extraordinary, but yet it contributes to the gameplay. The locations are not full of tiny details and that makes it easier for you to spot the important object. In addition, there are still a lot of riddles that require some good logical abilities.

Don’t be in a hurry and examine all the suspicious mechanisms you stumble upon. If the main character sees something curious, she will show it to you by pointing out a question mark. She may even show you which object is missing. However, you will have to figure out where to look for it and how to apply it yourself.

Your inventory in MelanCholianna is always open and when you play you can see it on the bottom of the screen. A big number of slots allows you to take many objects at the same time. If you have an idea on where to use a particular item, drag it to the appropriate place and the girl will do the rest.

Another interesting thing in the game is that the passages between the rooms can be hidden sometimes. The doors or ladders can take you to the other locations, but they can be covered or blocked with something. Manipulate the devices around you to unlock those passages.

Safety is above all

The traps are not the only source of perils in this game. Unfortunately, the castle is full of filthy monsters that are waiting for you to make a wrong step. Moreover, the girl has nothing to fend them off and fighting with those creatures barehand is not an option. So, your mission is to learn how to avoid the dangers without coming into conflicts.

If the monster is staying in the same place, you can just bypass it. Just remember that you should not touch them under any circumstances! Although, the girl is capable of bearing four hits before she dies. And there is a possibility of finding medicine in some rooms. But use it wisely, as the game gives just a couple of them.

That is why you should play cautiously. There are even bosses in this game and that is where you have to demonstrate your ingenuity. Maybe if you operate some of the machines in the castle, you will be able to defeat them?

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