MelanCholianna Full Game

MelanCholianna Full Game

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MelanCholianna is a game that gives you an astonishing opportunity to explore the deserted palace and try to escape it, going through a range of elaborate brain teasers and vicious monsters. The creepy locations and enemies will certainly add to the gloomy atmosphere and keep you anxious.

Take pleasure in intuitive gameplay

In MelanCholianna mostly you just have to solve various puzzles that come along the way. There are numerous kinds of them, so you won’t find a room with the same riddles. Thus, it is important to think out of the box and look for alternative solutions.

The machines that you can often see in the castle are broken and if you want to go further, you need to fix them. Usually, there are a couple of details that are missing and you must put them where they belong in order to make the device work properly.

In addition, the game is full of secret passages and levers. Pay attention to every single detail in the room and you will have no trouble spotting them. But be careful, as your curiosity can get you into trouble! The monsters are tricky and they may unexpectedly come out from the cover.

Watch your steps

The monsters pose the main threat for the main character. This lovely blond girl can’t confront the frightening and filthy creatures that inhabit this awful castle. However, there is always a possibility to select another way or dodge their attacks. You may also try to look around and stop them by operating certain mechanisms.

This is the correct tactic when you have to deal with the bosses. These monsters are way more powerful than the ordinary ones and unlike them, the bosses may eliminate you with one attack. But in general, you have four attempts to endure a hit before you die.

If you feel like you are about to face something difficult or you have just finished a sophisticated task, look for the magical bulb with the butterflies. Save the game there and you won’t have to start from the beginning.

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